A New Law Could Seal Your Criminal Record

The legislature recently passed a law which grants new rights to individuals with minor criminal convictions on their record. It took effect November 14, 2016. The new law can clear criminal convictions for non-violent second and third degree misdemeanors or ungraded offences which carry a maximum penalty of no more than two years from the public record. It allows individuals to petition the court for an Order for Limited Access, which prohibits certain historic criminal convictions from being publicly available. The limited access does not apply to criminal justice agencies, and some government licensing agencies. Certain crimes, including those involving simple assault, intimidation of witnesses or victims, and crimes that require the perpetrator to register as sexual offenders are not eligible for an Order of Limited Access.

A past criminal record can prevent rehabilitated, law abiding individuals from getting a job or a place to live. Now, individuals who have maintained a clean record for 10 years from the time of conviction or from the time their sentence was completed may be able to have those records sealed from public view. This new law can help those individuals move forward with their lives without being forever penalized for their past. Individuals who have paid the price for their past crime(s) and have been law abiding citizens for many years now have the chance at a fresh start.

If you need help navigating the process of obtaining an Order for Limited Access, contact The Fleischmann Law Firm to discuss your options.