Wills, Estates and Elder Law

Estate Planning

Estate planning is often confusing, stressful and uncomfortable. It is planning for the future. It is creating a plan for your children and family members. Estate planning typically encompasses the creation of a will, power of attorney and a healthcare directive/living will. Each of these documents have a distinct function for your future.

Wills must be carefully drafted in order to protect your assets and your loved ones. A well written will can assure that your wishes are upheld and your family is provided for.

Part of estate planning is planning for the unexpected events that could happen in your life. To have an effective plan, you should have several documents, like powers of attorney, healthcare directives and living wills. Each provides you with someone to protect you and your wishes when you can’t make those decisions yourself.

The Fleischmann Law Firm can guide you through the estate planning process. We provide you with effective, efficient drafting of your will and other estate planning documents. Our goal is to provide you with a stress-free experience from the beginning of drafting to execution.

Estate Administration

When an estate is probated in court, an individual is chosen as the Executor or the Administrator. They are the representative for the estate and are tasked with collecting the probate assets, paying any debts, filing tax returns and making timely distributions to the estate’s beneficiaries. It is a job for a trusted individual. Being an Administrator or Executor is a great responsibility. We can help you with that responsibility, providing efficient preparation for the estate paperwork and helping you navigate the process.

Elder Law

As you get older, there are many new challenges and issues you will face. These challenges are often unique and complex, so much so that a separate area of law developed to provide guidance and protection for older adults.

We provide assistance and advice in Medicaid planning, long term care, veteran’s benefits and guardianships. We will help you navigate these processes, providing you with a plan and working with you towards a positive outcome for you and your family.