Construction Law

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Construction Law is a niche area that serves a diverse client base. The Fleischmann Law Firm works with clients at all levels of the construction industry, including designers, developers, owners, trade contractors, construction managers and consultants. With extensive experience in construction matters in both public and private projects, the Firm is familiar with contracts involving governmental, state and local funding, paying close attention to all the applicable laws and regulations governing these transactions.

The Firm provides strategic legal counsel and representation in a wide range of areas, including project development, contracts, execution, mechanics’ liens, bidding, trial, arbitration and appeals.

Construction Litigation

Experience affords leverage in effective litigation and contractual disputes.  The Firm works with and for its clients in the identification of potential areas of dispute, offering insight and education to keep clients abreast of any potential risks that may occur between projects and their participants. Whether doing a modification to standard industry forms or creating personalized contracts, The Fleischmann Law Firm works efficiently and effectively in meeting its clients’ needs.

Construction Contracts

Having extensive experience in the consultation, negotiation and creation of all contracts in design and construction, The Fleischmann Law Firm works diligently to protect all client interests.  The Firm’s principal, Craig J. Fleischmann has worked with contractors, municipalities and other government entities on review, preparation and negotiation, meeting the needs of our clients on every project.

Construction Liens

The statutes for construction liens vary in every state, so making sure your legal counsel is knowledgeable in state law is key. The law can be very confusing and difficult to interpret. It is important to have a direct link to protect yourself from any liability and risk that may be associated with negligent contractors or disputes arising from liens.