Business Law


Understanding the intricacies of business law can be difficult, and having an experienced attorney who is knowledgeable in the standards and protocols of this area is key. The Fleischmann Law Firm can assist in providing the answers your business needs.

Debt Collection and Recovery

The Fleischmann Law Firm assists in all debt recovery efforts resulting businesses who have not honored their payment obligations. The Firm is diligent in pursuing all debts and often resolves situations amicably through settlements or full payment and sets itself apart by being knowledgeable not only in obtaining the judgment or lien, but in the enforcement and collection of the judgment as well.

Business disputes

Many issues arise throughout business transactions that need the assistance of an attorney. The Firm works to resolve all disputes in an amicable and fair manner that will be advantageous and protect your best interests.

Business formations

Forming a business is more than just filing paperwork. There are many considerations, such as what type of business, the overall structure of the business, choosing a board of directors, options for stock, and other details that may be overlooked without the assistance proper counsel.  The Fleischmann Law Firm strives to work closely with the accountants and financial advisors of your choosing so as to provide you with the best advice to meet your business requirements.


Almost every transaction requires a contract when conducting business, from purchases and sales to simple agreements. The Fleischmann Law Firm is ready and able to draft and review all business contracts to make sure your interests are protected every step of the way.

Property advising and assisting clients to help solidify their growth and longevity is a key value of the Firm. It is important to have the right counsel in negotiations, compliance and in avoiding potentially harmful situations that could have a negative effect on the business. The Fleischmann Law Firm adapts to client needs and takes pride in helping our small and mid-sized business clients become successful.

The Fleischmann Law Firm is able to consult with any independent boards or other entities where you do business to make sure every venture is smart and profitable. The Firm thoroughly assess all information related to your business to keep you educated on practical business operations.

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