Take a Hike: Perkiomen Trail

During the COVID-19 outbreak, a lot of people were itching for a reason to get out of their homes without spreading the coronavirus to others. This is when many people took advantage of being outdoorsy. Since the beginning of time, having fun in the great outdoors has been a wonderful pastime for people of all ages and places, even without the feeling of breaking the rules. Venturing through the arteries of Pennsylvania’s trail system is something that The Fleischmann Law Firms associate, Franqui Raffaele, chose to explore during quarantine, and still continues to use as a way to keep the stress away. The trail she explored the most was the Perkiomen Trail. This trail is a clean, family friendly environment that welcomes people of all ages to come and enjoy the beauty of nature.


To hear more about why Franqui recommends the Perkiomen Trail, take a look at the article that she wrote for sidebar magazine HERE