Historic Trappe

Pennsylvania is an area that is rich in history and culture. There are buildings here that have been here that predate the independence of this country. These buildings are time capsules that have stood the tests of time and deserve to remain preserved. The Fleischmann Law Firm is happy and proud to support Historic Trappe, an organization dedicated to the preservation of four historic Trappe, Pennsylvania buildings.

Historic Trappe, executively directed by Lisa Minardi, not only restores historic buildings in Trappe, but they also encourage the preservation of other historic buildings, as well as heritage tourism. They offer plenty of different activities and workshops, community dinners and outings, and even the Trappe Tree Lighting. They also have two colonial gardens which can be visited by the public.

For more information about Historic Trappe, you can check their website at www.historictrappe.org

and to read their article, click HERE