Creative Light Factory: Writers Room ∙ Learning Center ∙ Creativity Hub


Having trouble with writer’s block, stifling creativity, or looking for a space to express yourself? Prepare to be blown away.

Sitting right in the middle of Spring City, Chester County is a safe and affordable space where artists and writers alike can go and thrive. This place is called Creative Light Factory. Opening its doors in 2017 as the only physical writers’ room in the Philadelphia suburbs, Creative Light Factory prides itself as being a nurturing environment for writers and artists of all skill levels. At CLF, everyone is encouraged to express themselves through their creative abilities and ultimately share them with others in the community and the rest of the world.

The Fleischmann Law Firm is a proud sponsor of the small but growing non-profit arts organization that has touched the lives of over 1,500 artists, produced hundreds of personal works into solid reality, and garnered a handful of delightful reviews.

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